National Aerospace & Electronics Conference &

Ohio Innovation Summit (NAECON-OIS)

Dayton, OH | USA * June 16 - 19, 2015








Air Force Institute of Technology

Wright State University

University of Cincinnati

The Ohio State University

Oakland University

Chairman: Dr. Robert Ewing
Phone: 937-528-8122


Abstract Due: April 27, 2015 * Paper Due: June 19, 2015
Deadline for Tutorial/Panel/Industrial Track, and Sponsored Booths/Exhibits is April 27, 2015

The 2015 NAECON will be held at UDRI
University of Dayton’s Research Institute, River Campus, 1700 Patterson Blvd, Dayton, Ohio UDRI
University of Dayton’s Research Institute, River Campus


Click here to download the Call For Papers

For 2015, NAECON is combining with the Ohio Innovation Summit to exploring new research and contributions for core intelligent aerospace sensor integration in the following areas; Innovative Aerospace Technology, Intelligent Sensory Exploitation and Wireless & Information Interoperability.

The conference will begin a series of, “NAECON-OIS Grand Challenge Problems” in the area of ISR surveillance.

This conference is a major forum for researchers, practitioners, and students interested in aerospace systems, and their impact on computing, information, processing, design, and applications.  The topics for paper submission include, but are not limited to, three application areas:  Innovative Information Processing; Sensory Exploitation; and Trust in Electronics, Cyber and Next-Generation Systems.

Application Areas

1. Innovative Information Processing

Radar, Cognitive Signal Processing & Visualization for RF Sensing, Monitor & Optical Surveillance Methods (ATR), Antennas, Navigation, Knowledge-based systems, Bio-Inspired Intelligent Information Processing, and Hybrid Control Systems.

2. Sensory Exploitation

Recent Advances in RFIC Technology, Aerospace Power Systems and Electronics,  Photonics, nanoDevices and Advanced Materials, Reconfigurable Computing,  Advanced Terahertz and Millimeter Wave Devices,  Multi-Sensor Exploitation/Fusion, Image Exploitation & Identification Algorithms,
and RF and Nonlinear Signal Processing.

3. Trust in Electronics, Cyber and Next-Generation Systems

Collaborative and Distributive Processing, Bio-Inspired Systems and Cyber-Physical Applications,  Autonomy and Machine Learning and Quantum Sensing and Computation, Resource Management, Next generation Cyber, and Information connectivity.

4. Algorithms for Tracking in Aerial Surveillance

Robust visual tracking from aerial platforms, tracking for: wide area surveillance, persistence surveillance, multiple targets, image stabilization, activity recognition, anomaly detection, object detection, foreground/background segmentation, and/or applications of aerial surveillance

The Grand Challenge Problem will be in the area of pico-satellite system design (See
Judging, paper references and terminology should use the “SON” Figure-of-Merit Diagram in CFP (above)

NAECON is a major forum for researchers, practitioners, and students interested in:

  • advanced aerospace sensors,
  • reconfigurable computing,
  • navigation,
  • power & control systems,
  • radar & imaging fusion,
  • advanced materials,
  • RFIC technology,
  • collaboration,
  • cognitive signal processing and visualization,
  • THz & RF and nonlinear signal processing,
  • passive and active sensing,
  • bio-inspired and cyber-physical applications and
  • Trust in semiconductor design.

Early registration runs through June 8th, 2015



      IEEE Students $150 $225
      Non-IEEE Students $260 $335
      IEEE Members $250 $325
      Non IEEE Members $375 $450
      One Day (non-Author) IEEE Members $125 $165
      One Day (non-Author) non-IEEE Members $185 $225

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